StarSmiles Removeable Retainers

Only £95 for a pair of retainers. No Hidden Costs

Retain your smile, forever aligned

Starsmiles customised, removable retainers are an essential part of keeping that smile you worked so hard for. The retainers are comfortable and very easy to wear. The invisible retainers are flexible and bend to fit comfortably in your mouth, which makes them less noticeable when you talk or smile.


Retainers ensure that the position of your teeth is preserved. Patients who stop wearing their retainers soon find themselves without that perfect smile. Avoid finding yourself back in treatment, costing you time and money. Wear Starsmiles removable retainers and keep that beautiful smile.


One Time Payment


Quick and simple 1 time in-person payment

How it Works​


Book a free scan

Book a Scan for ordering Retainers with Starsmiles. If you are already using our teeth alignment treatment, the retainers will be ordered automatically before the end of the treatment to ensure you are not left without the complete package.

Starsmiles doctor giving free scanning for invisible aligners
Smiling women have starsmiles invisible aligners


Receive your retainers

Your retainers will be delivered to your doorstep or your local Starsmiles Hub for pickup.


Own your journey

Follow the instructions in the booklet and take on the retainer wear as your personal responsibility and a lifetime commitment.

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