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Scan Guarantee

StarSmiles Guarantees that all Personal Data collected, including contact information, individual scans, and payment information are protected and will not be shared with any other parties outside of the StarSmiles Network. We guarantee that this data will solely be used for the purpose of treatment unless we are otherwise directed by the customer in some scenarios where the patient may request that their scan be used for other products such as customised whitening. StarSmiles guarantees that Scanning Professionals and locations will conduct the scan hygienically and in accordance with medical and state guidelines. Similarly, StarSmiles requests that customers also maintain reasonable personal hygiene including having a clean mouth before the scan. Failure to maintain reasonable personal hygiene by either party can result in cancellation of a scanning appointment. StarSmiles Guarantees that all scanning professionals are well trained in dental scanning and have all successfully been certified in scanning by StarSmiles. If for any reason the patient feels uncomfortable during the scan, we encourage customers to communicate with the scanning professional, stop the appointment and send in a support request form or call StarSmiles directly to express any concern. StarSmiles will investigate this thoroughly and get back to the patient.

Invisible Aligner Guarantee

In order for you to achieve your StarSmile and retain your Invisible Aligner Guarantee we kindly ask you to adhere to the following guidelines.

1. Wear your aligners every day: To achieve your StarSmile, you must wear your aligners for the recommended 22 hours per day. Any modifications to the aligners that are no prescribed by our team, including but not limited to, decorating your aligners, will unfortunately annul our guarantee

2. Don’t throw your aligners away: Make sure that you preserve all of your aligners in the protective sleeve we provide until your treatment plan has finished and you have received your retainers. We require you to do this just in case we direct you to go back to a previous aligner in the case of any issues during your treatment or if you misplace or break your aligner.

3. Our regular check ups: Please make sure you’re able to provide photographs to us when our team requests them from you.

4. Avoid unnecessary dental work during your StarSmiles journey: If you need to have any dental work done during your StarSmiles treatment, this may impact its effectiveness. Please avoid any non-essential procedures as they may nullify our StarSmiles guarantee. If you have questions regarding dental procedures, please reach out to our team to learn more.

5. Take care of your smile: Make sure you are maintaining daily dental hygiene, such as brushing your teeth and flossing. When you brush your teeth daily, don’t forget to clean your aligners with a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm water. Not only is this great for your overall health, but it also helps your teeth to move to their idle positions.

6. Once you are in the final stages of your treatment, you should order your retainers and continue to wear your invisible aligners until the retainers arrive at your doorstep.

If the guidelines laid out above are not followed, this may nullify the StarSmiles Guarantee and may require additional costs to put you back in the right direction.

If at the end of your plan you have followed these guidelines and are unsatisfied with the results, contact us so we can conduct a re-evaluation. If your re-evaluation is approved, you may be qualified for additional invisible aligners. Please be sure to contact us within two weeks of the last day of your treatment.

StarSmiles Lifetime Guarantee

StarSmiles guarantees you a confident, beautiful smile for life. This means that if your teeth become misaligned after your treatment has finished, we will arrange another scan, new treatment plan, and new invisible aligners to realign your smile for free, subject to the following requirements and limitations.

1. Our team will investigate your claim. We’ll look through our records to compare your post treatment results to your current smile to evaluate whether you meet the criteria of these terms and whether you are eligible for further treatment. During this investigation, we may request photographs and further information to confirm your eligibility. If our team concludes that your teeth have not moved out of alignment, that you do not meet our StarSmiles guarantee requirements, or that you are incompatible with further treatment, then this guarantee will be nullified.

2. The StarSmiles Guarantee is only valid if you have properly followed our treatment plan and worn your retainers as instructed.

3. The StarSmiles Guarantee is only valid in the case of teeth that were originally involved in your treatment plan. We do not cover any teeth that may have been affected by outside circumstances, trauma, that are missing, or have been affected by any outside-dental or orthodontic treatment, or teeth that may have experienced a change due to peripheral health reasons.

In order to qualify, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

a. Following the end of your treatment you must purchase invisible aligner retainers from StarSmiles 14 days before the end of your treatment. You must confirm, in writing, that you have used your retainers as instructed and/or

b. After the end of your treatment you must have bonded retainers placed and provide proof of retainer placement as well as proof of annual checks by a registered dentist or orthodontist. You must confirm, in writing, that you have used your retainers as instructed

4. Disputed or late payments may nullify this guarantee.

Exchanges and Returns

If you receive a damaged product please complete a support request form and we will replace the product promptly.

For the safety of all our customers we do not approve of any refunds, exchanges, or returns of customised aligners or retainers, and possibly some other products at discretion. 

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