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Light Aligner


Medium Aligner

WEEK 3-4

Hard Aligner

Three Aligner System

Correct the positioning of your teeth in the most discreet way with Star Aligners’ invisible and unique 3 aligner system. 3 aligners of different thicknesses will be sent to you to be worn over the course of each 4 week period of your treatment: soft aligners 0.5 mm, medium aligners 0.625 mm, and hard aligners 0.75mm.

The soft aligner should be worn during week 1. The medium aligner should be worn during week 2. The hard aligner should be worn during the last two weeks of the month. The steady increase in pressure helps align and design your smile very effectively, yet smoothly, gently, and with extraordinary comfort.

Quick, Easy, Painless

Change your aligners systematically from soft, medium to hard and smile confidently for the entire duration of the treatment. The Star Aligners will be customised to your teeth by a team of orthodontists and dentists at StarSmiles, who are using state of the art 3D Artificial Intelligence software.

Your aligners will be custom manufactured based on the receipt of your scan. Our system allows us to predict how your treatment will progress each month, enabling us to customise each subsequent month of your treatment with accuracy and you will never have to leave the comfort of your home.



Book a free scan

We make a 3D image of your teeth that helps us design your custom treatment plan. There are 2 easy ways to make this image:

1. Book an at home scan with a StarSmiles dental professional.
2. You can visit a StarSmiles partner location for an in person scan.
Starsmiles doctor giving free scanning for invisible aligners
Smiling women have starsmiles invisible aligners


We create your customised treatment plan.

The 3D image of your teeth helps us design your full customised treatment plan. Our licenced dental team will create and review your 3D image to prescribe and manage your custom aligners treatment plan. We use state of the art AI software for precision planning to gradually move your teeth for your desired smile.

22 hours per day of wear is recommended for best results.


Enjoy your smile.

You can choose to receive your full treatment kit in one of two ways.
1. Receive it at your doorstep.
2. Pick it up at StarSmiles Partner location near you. Start wearing your aligners for 22 hours everyday. Begin to see your confident StarSmile within 60 days.

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