You are unique.
Your smile is unique.

StarSmiles goal is to give every individual an opportunity to achieve, own, and wear their smile with pride and confidence. StarSmiles was founded by a team with a total experience of 150 years in making healthcare accessible to every individual. Our simple mission is to deliver a smile to you that you want and deserve with passion and professionalism.

We strive to improve people’s lives by giving you the confidence and voice you deserve.
Group Smiling with Starsmiles


We have a highly professional team of customer care professionals, orthodontists and dentists who keep you, the customer, at the heart of everything they do. We will equip each individual with a treatment plan that is as unique as your smile.


We believe that everyone should love themselves. We assist people in finding their voice and confidence through their new smile. We are working towards changing the status quo. Each and every member in our team practices these values with passion and integrity. We embrace diversity and inclusion and we are proud of our differences, working towards the same goal of giving customers a smile they can be proud of.
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StarSmiles makes teeth alignment and a new smile accessible with probably the lowest cost in the market, at up to 70% cheaper than traditional methods of alignment and our competitors. A beautiful smile is for everyone, not only for a privileged few. Everyone deserves a StarSmile.The 3D image of your teeth helps us design your full customised treatment plan.

Our licenced dental team will create and review your 3D image to prescribe and manage your custom aligners treatment plan. We use state of the art AI software for precision planning to gradually move your teeth for your desired smile. 22 hours per day of wear is recommended for best results.

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